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The LiveJournal/DreamWidth Coprosperity Sphere still rocks the hizzle when it comes to getting stuff done locally. After failing to divest myself of "The Monolith" after a year of occasional posts to the [ profile] prog LJ, to Craig's List, and to Freecycle, a single post to [ profile] davis_square on Saturday did the trick. I got two email enquiries almost immediately, the first of which resulted in a successful haul-away just a few hours ago.

What also helped was a helping of focus I applied to this project, spending Friday night dragging the Monolith around and applying all my set-dressing skills to shoot the two extraordinarily contrived photographs found on that post, improvising props out of various objects from around the house. Compare them to the bland photo I took two summers ago. I can sell an image when I choose to put my back into it, I think!

I will also take this opportunity to say that I don't really understand quite how HDR photography works -- I haven't read about it outside of the paragraph that my iPhone's manual devotes to it -- but its results are pretty damned magical.

And then no fewer than three Monolith owners, past and present (I didn't know until recently that it has a twin, owned by the twin brother of the friend who gave it to me!) left comments on that post, reminiscing about this most unusual piece of furniture and answering other petitioners' questions. I couldn't ask for anything more than that.

People can be awesome about the silliest things.

Now that we come to it, I say goodbye to the monolith with a touch of melancholy. I love giving things away, but this was a lot of... a lot of raw mass to give away all at once, really, and the fact I was doing so not for my usual selfish reasons but to promote domestic tranquility (read: [ profile] classicaljunkie hated its particle-board guts) made its departure a little sad for me. But I'm happy I managed to make a memorable event out of it, and even a successful little art project. That's a fair trade!


Oct. 25th, 2009 07:44 pm
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Before I start talking about some other damn thing: warmest congratulations to my dear friends Jess ([ profile] dictator555) and Nate-of-no-real-social-media-presence on getting married yesterday evening. I was pleased and honored to be in attendance for the relaxed and friendly ceremony out in Western Mass, which turned into kind of a con (of the fannish variety)... eventually nobody was left except a gaggle of gamer geeks staying up late, and many of us slept over. (The venue had a B&B conveniently attached.)

I just realized that this now means more than half of the seven players from the Diplomacy episode have gotten married since we filmed the game in early June. Wow. And they call that game divisive?
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I haven't written anything lately about what's actually going on in my life. I have been holding it out for myself as a treat. I can only remember so much, so lemme cash it in now.

Really, all I've been doing since the housewarming is work on one project or another, occasionally shoving myself out the damn door to go do something that is not work. I've been doing an OK job of that, so I will tell you about these things first.

At the end of August, [ profile] radiotelescope and I attended Boston GameLoop. I failed to blog about that in a timely manner, but I did at least burp my transcribed notes at one of the organizers, and you can find them spread around that wiki. I especially enjoyed the sessions on discussing non-marketing ARGs, and on baking viral aspects into digital games. I networked a lot, and left feeling, perhaps for the first time, that I really was part of the games industry now. I still have rather complicated feelings about this.

The weekend after that [ profile] cthulhia and I attended [ profile] shatterstripes' gallery opening of her beautiful tarot deck art. I know the artist as an acquaintance from MUDs many years ago, but hadn't actually met her in person before, so it was fun to chat for a while about all that stuff. I look forward to being able to buy a mass-printed copy of the deck someday!

Labor day weekend I sat inside and prototyped a new project, and then helped Joe with a SCAT shoot; it was nice seeing the Gameshelf crew again. Weekend after that, my parents spent Saturday with us. We took them to the Summer Shack.

Last weekend [ profile] classicaljunkie, [ profile] dictator555, Nate and I went apple & berry picking. I wasn't that into it, but I really needed to go far outside my bubble and walk around outside for a while. It was also interesting being in an organic orchard - really ugly apples, covered with bugs! I considered this a feature.

Some of you are aware that I've taken on yet another commercial project. This puts Project X on the back burner, while the Volity Network remains in the freezer. That feels like a joke at first - oh, look, jmac is unable to finish something again, so here he is, serially launching a new thing. Right?

However, the new thing has enough going for it that I decided to risk taking on this extra self-loathing in order to pursue it. It's a relatively small project, it primarily uses a web-based interface, and it re-uses various technologies I developed for Volity.

As such, it's now a project of Volity Games, the company, so I have my two partners there working with me on it. It will get done.

No no no, I'm not even gonna hint at a done-date. Don't worry, you wont miss it when it's ready. But, in the meantime, this is what's taking up all my work-time (besides the bread-n-butter stuff of Appleseed contracts).


Aug. 17th, 2008 09:32 pm
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Had an excellent housewarming on Saturday. I think I had in mind a combination of the game-filled parties I'm so used to, and the sit/stand-around-drinking-and-talking parties that are more exotic to me and my ludocentric lifestyle. Since it was a round-the-clock (one lap) party, there was in fact plenty of the latter activity, but also lots of times when nearly all the the attendees were gaming. I accept this as both unavoidable, given who we know, and just fine. I was in there Racing for the damn Galaxy a couple of times, myself.

Because we have the only XBox 360 among everyone we know, our living room quickly became a campground for a bunch of folks who spent the party chomping through about half of Braid and then the entirety of Portal, for lo, they had heard so much and seen so little. This was not a problem, because hey, big apartment, with backyard; plenty of other spaces to gather, and indeed, everything worked out fine. I thought it was pretty great, really... but we'll have to consider putting a kibosh on the video games if we ever have any wintertime shindigs!

N.B.: Nearly all the non-teetotalers who came brought beer or wine of some format. Next time we host, we can almost certainly get away with buying far less of this stuff than we did. :)

I gotta say, I'm glad this party happened, because our apartment is totally awesome as a result. We planned it only two weeks after our move so that it would be the whip that drove us to unpack quickly... and boy, are we sore from it. The labor was so hard that I sometimes forgot what the larger goal was, and would bitterly think ugh, all these days of work, just to set up a damn party? But in the end we got many nice compliments on how great the place looked, and I graciously agreed.
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So the annual Boston Sci-Fi movie marathon is happening in just a few days and I haven't lifted a finger. Neither [ profile] doctor_atomic nor [ profile] dictator555 are able to join me this year. One or the other has been my unfailing stay-awake-through-the-whole-damn-thing companion since I started going, six years ago.

The doctor's the one who introduced me to the thon, right when we were becoming close friends. So her absence is a bummer, but not wholly unexpected; she's very busy pursuing her real-life mad science at the moment.

Two years ago I was in a similar position, and on a last-minute lark I asked the dictator if she wanted to go a-thonning with me instead, figuring that she'd decline and I'd have an excuse to stay home. I didn't know her very well, but I knew (via [ profile] dougo) that she'd expressed an interest in the thon. Surprise, she said yes, and so I quickly became good friends with her, and soon enough with all her friends, one of whom was [ profile] classicaljunkie, and la-di-da. (No, CJ is not a thonner. Pity!)

What I'm trying to say is, the thon's been good to me. I've been to six in a row and I'd like to make it seven. Yesterday I would have said "...I think" to that but the closer it gets to Sunday the more psyched I get. I love the thon.

Even though the lineup has a lot of downers. And I have no idea how the thon crowd will react to 2001. Even if most of the audience has probably already seen it at least twice. The long parts of the movie are... long.

Still. Who-all's with me? Any of the slightly-less-hardcore-but-still-awesome folks I have sat beside in years past? Failing that, any fellow lunatics whose theater sections I can defect into this year?
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[ profile] hahathor hosted a salon thingy for the first time in a while. I hadn't been to one since [ profile] cthulhia dragged me to one sometime during the front half of this decade. I was honored to be a featured arteest this time, and showed a couple Jmac's Arcades in between musical acts. Received a lot of in-person accolades, which beats the pants of anonymous YouTube comments any day, let me tell you. And the other artists' stuff was delightful as well!

And I drank a copious amount of curious liquids, incl. mysterious blends by [ profile] surrealestate, whose new LJ name I complimented. And now I am feeling very very affectionate and I love you all ok.
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This week is Blank Verse Blog Week, an invention of my dear friends, the Freaks. They've been at this for several years; I don't do it coz I'm lazy. We're already a couple of days into it, but it's not too late for you to start, if you're into that sort of thing.

My colleague Zarf has started a Sourceforge project about Boodler, his wonderful soundscape generator. Several years ago he developed it up to a point where it was useable if you wanted to monkey about with Python-based command-line interfaces and manually manage your own sound libraries. I found the program's output sufficiently nifty that I would go through the ordeal - much of Perl & XML was written with its ebbing and flowing rainstorm module as background sound - but of course most people can't hack that. He and some other folks are now working on making the thing more accessible. There is a mailing list.

What other projects should I know about?
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So the vacation last weekend was great. The train trips to and from New Jersey were uneventful, comfortable, and not overly long. I like the train.

It was so nice to spend a lot of non-thon time with [ profile] doctor_atomic, which I haven't really done since we were housemates four years ago. As she's usually completely consumed in her research, my arrival made her quite game-hungry, so we played plenty of games. Besides being fun, this had the additional effect of rekindling my interest in games. I hadn't noted it here, but it had been somewhat on the wane and needed a kick. It's less the games themselves as it is my approach to them that's been getting stale, but this is a blog for another time.

We played Cribbage twice, including once at a bar, which is pretty cool coz it was originally invented as a pub-friendly passtime, y'know, and I hadn't played in that sort of venue before. After I giddily toasted to the spirit of Sir John Suckling, its inventor, the bartender asked us what we were playing and I told her. Sadly. She let me get about four sentences in to excitedly explaining the game's English origins and American traditions before saying "Ha ha I'll have to learn that!" and then fleeing. I thought of so-and-so's comment of Ahh, I see, I am informing you against your will from last week's This American Life about the mystery hunt, but really she had drinks to pour too. She got a nice tip from me.

The doctor is slightly but consistently better than me at games. She beat me at both Cribbages, and we also played the Settlers card game once, which I fought like hell to just-barely win despite her never having played before. Uh, and we finished a game of Babel, a Kosmos two-player game that you haven't heard of because it's not necessarily all that good. It was significant to us personally because she bought it when we lived together and the one time we tried to play it she fell asleep, and it's sat inert in her game bin ever since. (I'd like to play it again, actually, but I doubt I'd want to buy it. It's neither broken nor particularly elegant.)

Other than that we made walking and driving treks around the New Brunswicky area to find interesting shops she'd heard about, and while we failed every time (Google maps WTF?) we succeeded in finding other interesting stuff. We ate and drank at various places. We took up no less than three tables when playing the Settlers card game at a cafe full of Rutgersians that we happened across. (I had forgotten the ridiculous amount of real estate that game demands.) I think people were looking sideways at us and wondering what we were doing, but we were gossiping most rudely about them too, so all was well.

And we ate approx. 400 cookies that the doctor made on my arrival. The end.
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Congratulations, [ profile] meerkitty, on earning your number!


Nov. 24th, 2006 12:59 am
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Mega congrats to the lovely n talented [ profile] jordanwillow for landing a YA book contract. (And for writing the book that won the contract!)

(That's YA as in young adult, not yet another. Though maybe if she makes a habit of it...)
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I have had a good couple of days...

Wednesday after the RMV stupidness I went to work and worked from 10 until 4:30 and it was great. I really must make an effort to dig in by 10, when I want to have a work-day like that. Which, um, should really be all of them. Split work early to eat n drink n scheme with J, always delightful.

Thursday I went to eat at [ profile] dictator555's aunt's house with that whole crowd, which was kind of random but quite welcome. I actually didn't think about what I'd do for T-day until Wednesday afternoon. I IMed [ profile] classicaljunkie to ask if it'd be tacky to post my Thanksgiving Orphan status on LJ, and then she was like EAT WITH US OM NOM NOM and I was like ok ok.

Hanging out with a friend's extended family that you don't know at all is always a little strange, and as a shy nerd at heart I found it a little rough at times, but I still made it out with not only an overful l belly but experience at playing four-handed Cribbage (for this family, like mine, are native New Englanders). This is actually pretty nifty and I look forward to teaching the variant to my own family up north!

On the train ride home I sat near a woman who was flirting really really loudly and I dare say tactlessly with the guys sitting behind her for the whole 1.5-hour ride and it was horrible and I was glad I put more than just talky podcasts on my Shuffle before leaving. Really that was the only negative experience.

Now it's not yet 1 and I'm actually a little sleepy. WOW. Off to go try and take advantage of this.


Oct. 15th, 2006 01:07 pm
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Last few days have been a pleasant blur.

Let's start with Friday. Work is going nicely. I haven't reached my target hours-per-week pace but I did better than last week, and I am actually working, making Perl modules that build off of software in the company's Subversion repository. I dropped an email to the person at the company whose name is attached to these older modules, but haven't heard back yet. I guess the next step is dropping by his office and saying hi, since he's right there.

Aside: I do believe that I have grown more as a programmer, manager, designer, and overall thinker in the last 12 months than I have at any other point in my postgraduate life. Things reveal themselves a lot easier now than they once did.

After work, went to a folk concert with [ profile] radiotelescope and [ profile] cthulhia. Venue was a UU church in Watertown, and the musicians were Cindy Kallet and Grey Larsen. The music was was great, and I recognized several of the pieces (especially Larsen's Irish flute solos) from Zarf's half of the office MP3 rotation, but I thought the whole show ran a little long; was very twitchy by the end.

Saturday was crazy, and very foodful. Brunched at Johnny D's with [ profile] mrmorse to strategize about The Gameshelf, and then sunk many hours into hairy design work for some web applications that needs. In the middle of this [ profile] classicaljunkie and I mutually lured each other out for Rossini's coffee and baked goodies. And then dinner with [ profile] doctor_atomic and crew while she's in town, followed by chatting late into the night about RPGs that I find interesting even though I'll probably never actually play them.

Today my major accomplishment so far has been beating the third Ratchet & Clank game. Longest credits I ever did see. Time to get back into things now.


Sep. 18th, 2006 02:43 am
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Interesting weekend, even though (especially in contrast to the previous two weekends) I didn't really get out much.

Not too long ago at some [ profile] dictator555-orchestrated event, new-to-town [ profile] xartofnothingx offered to loan us some of her Google Ad-wrangling expertise. So Saturday afternoon we all sat down around 1 Volity Towers' fabulous oak conference table and I pressed the button that dimmed the candelabra and lowered the 20-foot Internets screen so that we could go over it together. As predicted it was mostly a conversation between her and [ profile] daerr coz it's not like Zarf or I know anything about this stuff.

After doing lots of keyword tuning, we modified the website to let Google catch Gamut downloads. If we set everything up right, we should be able to tell how many people who see our ads end up not just clicking on them but going all the way to installing our software. Looking forward to seeing what those numbers look like in another week or so.

Other than that I set up all the Jmac's Arcade stuff. And I wanted to make a second episode about Asteroids, except that my making-movies-from-what's-happening-on-the-screen software can't capture it! MacMAME's vector-graphics emulation pegs the CPU (even though it's a G5), and running 10-fps screen-capture on top of that just kills everything. I am bummed.

Wrote the output part of the ledger-display component. This is what you will look at when you want to see a report on the credits you've earned with your games, and from whom, or a report on how you've been spending your credits.

Tonight I got a burst of energy for a strange reason because I almost took a random opportunity to meet a couple of new friends-of-a-friend. Due to a benign miscue I ended up not being able to go, but for some reason the fact I almost did made me go wheeeee for like two hours after. Huh?! Yeah I dunno. I guess with all of everything going on I'm feeling socially adventurous again, as socially adventurous as I am able to get, anyway. Well, good.

Then I cleaned up Whitey, the old iBook, which is to say I attacked it with fingernail and Brillo pad until its lid was (almost) clean of stickers. I have moved past being the sort of person who has a sticker-covered latoptop, I suppose. I chose, however, to leave the Jim's Big Ego vinyl sticker that [ profile] cthulhia gave me a long time ago. For some reason, advertising local geekish folkrock is still within the bounds.

There also remains a little grinning bat inside, over the screen, a memoir of the time when [ profile] doctor_atomic was a housemate. And there's an extremely deteriorated Tirade sticker on the bottom, probably from a Looney Labs order from early 2002 or thenabouts.

The only thing I didn't hit on today's to-do list was fixing the toys on, which have been broken for god knows how long, probably since I switched servers last year. How embarrassing! The toys, mostly stuff that all dates pre-2002, really serves no purpose other than impressing people exploring my site for the first time, but that's a pretty good reason by itself to keep them propped up. I'll have to get to that this week.
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I'm going to be upset all day today because I missed a dear friend's party last night. It was billed as a house-cooling but amounted to a going-away party too, since this is why the house was being cooled. And I just forgot to go. This sort of thing just gnaws at me all day long.

I can only blame the fact that May is zipping past, by my perception. I'm not sure why this is. But when I last looked at the invitation, I thought, "May 19, bah, that's weeks away," and then suddenly it was the morning of the 20th and I was sad. In fact, I would say that May is passing at double-speed; I was thinking earlier that I did a lot of social things last weekend, before thinking harder and recalling that I was conflating my memories of the last two weekends' worth of events. Damn.

Yesterday was a day off of sorts anyway. Instead of working on the plan I was zapped by the VALIS and took pages of notes on an IF idea. I feel really good about this one, but of course the less said here the better... I've had ideas aplenty since I wrote my one game in 1999, and but I never wrote a single line of code about any of them, even when I gibbered in a forum like this about how I just got the best game idea evar.

This time, though, I have the whole prologue written, in my head, and the first couple of midgame scenes. I have the setting down, and I know who the main characters are. It gets ruder after that... I have a only a likely sketch of an ending and just the barest whiff of how the story gets there, but this is still the most plotting I've ever managed to do, and I'm very excited about it all.

I'm especially happy that it's based around a setting I wanted to work on in 1999, dusted off and then infused with years of experience since then reading stories and playing games. It really feels like it could work. It would be a pastiche, but very much my own, too. I hope I can actually make it. You would like it.

It's many months away. But if I start writing any code at all — quite likely, since I'm as in love with Inform 7 as I am and itching to do something with it — it will be locked in, as far as I'm concerned.

A father and son (maybe 8 years old) are attacking each other with boffers without any protective gear on the Mass Ave sidewalk, like a foot away from traffic. This is irresponsible and my inner [ profile] keimel wants to give them hell. But my outer [ profile] prog is working very hard to actively ignore them, since I really can't stand urban attention-getters, which is what these guys are afaic. Or anyway the dad is.

Also their technique is horrible. Stephan would lay them both out flat. Hell, I would. But they are beneath my contempt. Hm, the dad gets points for scolding the boy for brandishing the boffer while inside the cafe, though. Maybe they both just started taking lessons or something.
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Had a well-timed weekend full of social thingamabobs involving all the lovely ladies of my flist who have profession-evoking LJ names that start with D.

Friday night went to [ profile] doctor_atomic's very last undergraduate chamber singer performance. I thought that the last piece they did, Janequin's Le Guerre, is a pretty boss note to end one's college career on, since the performers get to sing violent sound effects. In French.

Not much in the way of post-show celebration since she had a plane to catch early the next morning; off to another conference. She's been attending a lot of these, all a transitional step to her starting the long path towards becoming a really-real doctor. Criminy. I am proud of her.

Next day, joined [ profile] dictator555 and company for a birthday lunch at a favorite little Italian joint in the North End. I dunno if I've ever been to the North End before, despite living here like 5 and a half years, sheesh. A neighborhood to revisit many times, once I can afford it again. (Well, looking's free, in the meantime, I guess.)

There were graduates everywhere, with the caps and the gowns, each one surrounded by a knot of family. I dunno where they came from, precisely. Was a little giddy and briefly considered enacting a policy of saying "congratulations!" to every one crossing my path, but I'm just not that kind of person.

Was surprised to see a big old building near the T stop labeled "Scotch 'n Sirloin", which I immediately recognized as something I'd seen many many times as a kid. If my understanding of reality is correct, this would have happened during trips through the city with my dad, as I think the building overlooks where I-93 used to be, pre-Big Dig.

Oddly, there appears to be no restaurant by that name in Boston, though Google reveals a well-known one of the same name in Rochester, NY. The Boston building is now occupied by an architectural design firm, but the old sign remains, and they even have a picture of it on their website (which I stole, as you can see).

But ah, what a giddily American name for a restaurant. Booze 'n Beefslabs!

After dining retreated back to her secret underground bunker where we played the new Ticket to Ride Märklin and I came in dead last again what the hell even though I played a lot better this time and had a good time anyway. (A lot of the reason I got so cranky with the previous weekend's game is that I got stuck early and never really pulled free, and this surprised and frustrated me. Part of TTR's charm, maybe any rail game's charm, is the sense that you're always making progress, setting small goals and meeting them, and can feel satisfied with your work even if you're not getting as many points as everyone else. But I was just spinning my tires, that game.)

(On the other hand, the whole experience of meeting all your goals, smiling down at your work, and then looking up to discover that the game's been stolen from you regardless... there are painful echoes of November 2004 in this. Perhaps that day I lost the ability to lose with a shrug and a grin. That's pre-11/2 thinking.)

It was another 5-player game, too, making my current 5-player PvP TTR record 0-8. Zwounds! I think the thing about 5-player games is that card-hoarding strategies, which I learned to ply to my advantage in the original game, don't work nearly as well. Next time I'm in this situation, I'm gonna start building sooner and then keep up the heat.

(Impress your friends: "Märklin" is pronounced like [MAIR-klin], not [MAR-klin]. Also [ profile] prog is pronounced [WAIN-ker].)
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May 1 means that somewhere around now is the ten-year anniversary of my graduating from the University of Maine with BAs in English and Journalism.

Being a solitary sort, and living outside of a real city (Bangor being made mostly of particle board and broken dreams etc.), upon receiving my diploma I immediately lost touch with all of my classmates, most of whom immediately scattered across the country in search of their futures. I stayed in town and worked retail for a while before a chance meeting with a UMaine acquaintance gave me my first technical job. But he turned out to be kind of hard to work for, and the job of varying goodness. Later, two years after my graduation, [ profile] kyroraz became the first fellow UMaine alum to reconnect with me by inviting me into a D&D group, which led to my introduction to [ profile] daerr, and from there to my first programming job.

I blogged a few years ago about almost setting up a meeting with dear Katie, my Maine Campus editor-in-chief back in the day. I successfully pinged her at the start of this decade, after I moved to Boston and found where she was working, at a PR firm downtown... but she's slipped off the radar since then. Her managing editor and our good friend Chris found his way onto my IM buddy list only a few months ago, contacting me from out of the blue. Since I last saw him, he has married his then-girlfriend and they bought a house and have just baked up their fourth(!) kid and so on, all of these things so alien to me and my accurséd cave-dwelling kind.

There's also Daphne, a writer at the paper whose name I came across in an IF newsgroup a couple of years ago. We traded email briefly and then I just let it slide off, as I do, cuz I stink.

I don't remember the names of any of my classmates outside of the newspaper, though I remember some students namelessly. I am moved to tell you about one of the most regretful events from this time was my running into another recent graduate with whom I was reasonably friendly with in class but didn't necessarily know very well. Unbidden, she handed me a scrap of paper with her number. She was beautiful and smart, but I was so completely unversed in such matters that I didn't know what I was supposed to do with it. I mean: yes, one day not long after this I called her on the phone, but I didn't quite realize that I was expected to suggest anything or even bring up any topic in particular, and after several minutes of idle chit-chat she lost patience and politely bid me farewell. I never called back.

I was actually laughing while typing the previous. I don't think I've ever thought about this incident directly. It's pretty funny.

I have done a hella lot in ten years, my five in Maine and my five in Mass., but I can't v. well say that I'm satisfied, not with the position I've put myself in lately.
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Whee, I feel a big plate of sick coming on, of the run-down-blah variety. Been feeling it down deep since early evening. I hope that I can still make the final Chicken Heart recording session. I don't think I'll be that sick. We'll see. The thing is that I haven't really been ill since we set up in December, and I fear that my luck'll run out before winter does.

Propped on my elbow in bed, I mistyped Chicken Heart as Chick3en Heart, and I think of some sort of post-cyberpunk reimagining of it. Please don't.

Went to a perfectly fine housewarming party tonite. I had picked up on some worries about possible social tensions, but to my eye these were absent or at least quietly averted. It's true that I'm often not very good at spotting these things, but I do believe that my friends do OK by each other. So says jmac.

As with the famous housewarming at Highland Avenue I helped host 3.75 years ago, there was relatively little mixing of tribes. My glob kept largely to the living room, and we were many, so it was OK. Sometimes someone would go into the kitchen to hear the theater geeking a little better (or to get at the fruit plate or the booze), and sometimes a theater geek or bookstore employee would wander into our section if they had something to add about Abba or Nerf or whatever we were going on about. Or to get to the cookies. We should have established trade routes.
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Had a fine two-day New Year's holiday, and an end to all of this holiday hubbub. He said, as we now plow into Hunt season... but at least that's a holiday I can get behind. Anyway...

I had been entertaining thoughts of bringing the Volity guys to First Night, this being their first Boston winter and all. And so it came to pass that [ profile] cthulhia took [ profile] radiotelescope ([ profile] daerr choosing to stay home and sleep off his cold) to Redbones for dinner and thence to the Common, where we saw thrillingly low-altitude fireworks (to make up for the overcast sky, I suppose) and met up with more friends.

Drinky wandering ensued, and various places were visited. I went to the Middle East for the first time ever, but all I did there was use their bathroom. I split off shortly after the group went into party-crashing mode. This may be the bread and butter of folks like Ms. Cthules but it tends to stress me out. Anyway, was starting to feel a bit strung out from my having slept only four hours or less that morning, so that [ profile] daerr could drag me to a breakfast shmooze with a visiting Maine tech power whom I had not yet met. (Which I appreciated, don't get me wrong.)

Went home, and though I intended to drop in on the Freaks, started going into involuntary shut-down mode as soon as I took a hot shower, so had to settle for IM greetings before a collapse into bed and the soundest sleep I've had in a while. I ended up spending all day today with the Freaks and friends (including the l & t [ profile] aspartaimee, again visiting from that other city), leaving before rt got here and therefore making him wonder why I was still asleep in my room at 10pm. The end.

Also cleaned house at a game of Ticket to Ride: Europe, ho ho. After two plays I think I do like it slightly more than the original game, mainly because I think the map is more balanced; I feel it's too easy for someone to get a big advantage on the U.S. map by connecting several linked 15-point tracks, no matter what their goal routes are. The Europe map keeps most tracks short, and tends to make the longer ones more difficult to get my making them ferries or tunnels.
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I've feel like I've done maybe one day's worth of work in the two-and-change that I've been been back in Somerville. Time to get back into coding mode, after I gets me some shut-eye.

In social news, a long-lost friend -- an actual college friend if you can believe it -- has reappeared to such a degree that he's now on my AIM roster. And another friend from more recent times seems to have become actively unavailable, for reasons I can only speculate upon. (But may be clued by my icon choice.) So goes life.
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* I got a lovely scarf from [ profile] doctor_atomic. I haven't gotten anyone anything this year... when it's not directly in front of me, Christmas has simply not been in my mind at all. I think even last year at least I got some people games and books, but this year, pfft. Too much Volity. Whose idea was to start this in December, anyway, ha ha.

* One of the doctor's friends offered to give me a ride to Fairfield, since they were going to Bangor for the holidays. I had to turn them down since it was a couple of days earlier than optimal for me. And I felt really bad about this because I'm always bowled over by small displays of kindness and trust like this (even if it's just trust that I'm not too boring or smelly to share car-space with for 3 hours). But, so it goes.

* Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to allayall.

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