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Boy do I have a bad feeling about this.

This is probably the first time I really have to ask what usually strikes me as a lame question: can you imagine what would have happened if anyone pulled this shit around our previous president?

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So, this, yesterday, from Palin:
Where does a lot of that earmark money end up anyway? […] You’ve heard about some of these pet projects they really don’t make a whole lot of sense and sometimes these dollars go to projects that have little or nothing to do with the public good. Things like fruit fly research in Paris, France. I kid you not.
Yes, as McCain has been mockingly referring to planetaria as "overhead projectors" and a waste of money in national debates, Palin in speeches sneers at fundamental biological research techniques because they involve running experiments on icky bugs. And anyway, if those eggheads in Paris's Institut de Fru-Fru Sodomé are into it, then it's nothing that Americans would want anything to do with, right?

My friends. Are you scared of the light? Aching for an embrace of the comforting darkness, a state where one just didn't need to know about the world beyond arm's length? Weeping for the chance to keep your children's brains smooth and unfurrowed by a world that seems to become more complex every day?

Then McCain-Palin is the ticket for you. And may your God love you and hold you in his bosom, pressing your eyes closed against his warm flesh, for all eternity.
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McCain has lost control of his monster. This was evident a few days ago as he found himself having to correct snopesworthy concerns of audience members at a rally, but stumblingly - at one point uttering a soundbite that seemed to backhandedly endorse an Obama presidency. Yikes.

Here is my biggest fear: If the last five years of US foreign relations have planted the seeds for a new generation of bin Ladens to sprout out yonder, then the last five months of let the hate flow through you rhetoric from the desperate Right are gonna stir up a new batch of homegrown McVeighs. Yum yum.

Is there anything that the rest of us can do about this latter business, other than hoping that the DHS and the Secret Service know what they're doing?
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The McCain campaign decided to let Palin do as she please, and she's responded by encouraging entire crowds to hurl obscenities at their own media coverage, shout racial epithets, and call for murder.

Some pale that it sounds like the start of a lynch mob, but I disagree; they have no teeth left for that, and anyway that works best only when nobody's watching, which is hardly the case. No, the other side, smelling defeat, has nothing left to do but spend the campaign's waning weeks lolling about in their own filth, being stroked by their gibbering base. May they enjoy their one last decadent month before they sink into the bog forever.

Tonight's debate is going to suck to watch, though. Expect McCain to all but insinuate that Obama is suppressing photographs of himself, Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright and Matt Damon cackling together over a bomb-making bench.

I'll be here liveblarghing it again, regardless.
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So, OK: Vladimir Putin is possibly plotting an air strike against the U.S.? Is there any other way to interpret what she said here? (Sorry for the pre-roll ad; I just parrot what Gruber links to, man.)

I look forward to my masochistic side making me feel oddly disappointed when these destructive, demented dead-enders lose. (If they win, I'm going to go, like, shitting-into-bell-jars crazy.)
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As [ profile] radtea notes in comments in my earlier post, at least as egregious as the amount of money at stake in the bailout is the provision that the Secretary of the Treasury will be able to do whatever he wants with the money, without any legal or congressional oversight. I wasn't fully aware of this when I wrote the letters, or I would have made mention of that, too. (I stand by the letters as written, regardless.)

Paulson and Bernanke (with the president and their handful of hardcore congressional allies cheering them on) are essentially saying You must give us sweeping new powers NOW, before it's TOO LATE. Don't debate it, you fools! That is only wasting time! The entire country's financial system is collapsing around our ears and you wish to quibble over the fine print? You will DOOM US ALL! SIGN THE PAPER! SIGN IT!

Yeah, no. I'm guessing that they're hoping this will work because the president and the old Republican congress used to love pulling this sort thing off, not too long ago. Way to set a bad example, guys.

See also [ profile] toddalcott's insight regarding foxes and henhouses.

Meanwhile, I don't care about the fuss about individual executives' golden parachutes. Yeah, so the megarich guy does a little tapdance and gets another million tossed at him before he fucks off in his private jet to his private island. Whatever. That's chaff, and has negligible effect on me-as-a-taxpayer-and-citizen. Giving over half a trillion bucks with no strings attached to a single individual in the government? Well now, yes, that's another matter.

Please, Americans, if you haven't contacted your congressfolk about this yet, do so today.
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Adapted from a comment I made in [ profile] tahnan's LJ:

ME: You know what bugs me? Stupid people who are ugly and have B.O. and eat their own boogers.

THEM: How DARE you refer to my mother that way!
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Moderator: [ Question ]

Obama / Biden: [ Answers question ]

McCain / Palin: oh, were you saying something? lol sorry, I was distracted by your roman columns XD

Self-hating rubes: HA! You tell em.

I'm airing this in the hopes that I'm usually wrong, and therefore this won't happen, K?

Bad news

Aug. 31st, 2008 12:13 pm
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The gravity of Gustav is starting to get through to me. (As is the possibility that we can now expect "100-year storms" every couple of years or so.) It looks like it could be worse than Katrina.

On the off chance anyone reading this lives on the northern Gulf coast: what can I say? Be safe. Consider leaving. Like, now.

In other news, if you're buying that shit about Palin's baby (which I won't even dignify with a link), please put it down and back away from it. You do not want that; it is beneath you. There are so many more legitimate (and far less creepy) attack angles, if you wish to make attacks. Leave the kerning for the wingnuts.
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Should the reality-based community pre-emptively take back "Obama bin Biden" as a pride badge before the other side can enshrine it as the giggling sneer they'll piss at us for the rest of the year? Or is it not worth the energy?
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I don't feel angrier at the moment, but I know that the floor between the PIT OF RAGE and the EVERYTHING IS FINE AIRSPACE has been ticking upwards for the first time since the 2006 election results. I can't even look at the Google News front page any more. Listening to the daily NPR podcast is once again starting to turn me into an unhinged figure, muttering a stream of curses and making rude or threatening gestures at nobody visible, as I practice my own personal Two Minutes Hate session on my way to breakfast.

Mostly I just appreciate that one candidate got into hot water for "misspeaking" some shit they totally just made up (and getting away with it until someone found the relevant YouTube), and then the other one got laid into for "misspeaking" their actually rather defensible perception of the truth.

By "appreciate" I mean "urge to kill rising".

Update: Hey I can start using my Moonbat icon again yay.
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Subject: URGET Req: Perl Developer - PA - 6 months

My client is looking for Perl developers at King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. If you are available for new projects and willing to relocate to PA please send your resume with contact details and rate/hr ASAP.
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Ugh. I can't believe this is an AP headline.

"MIT coed with fake bomb 'art' arrested"

Problems here:
  • Co-ed is an outmoded term. I am pretty sure that the AP style guide explicitly stated this when I studied it over a decade ago. Do they make an exception for headlines? If so, what difference does it make what gender the person was?

  • There was no fake bomb. It was a sweatshirt modified to have a light-up message, and by all accounts one that the person frequently wore. But every other headline is saying the same thing, and such was the best general knowledge in the first few moments after the arrest, so I can give this a reluctant pass. I'll be pissed if it sez this in tomorrow's print newspapers, though.

  • I know that putting 'art' in quotes is ostensibly the headline writer saying that someone in the story is quoted as calling it art, but it ends up just sounding really snotty, as in my two year old kid could do that or whatever.
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While looking at the ETech 2008 website, I see that they link to this Slashdot story as an example of something cool that they'd welcome a presentation on. Really, you shouldn't do that. Link to the story that Slashdot is linking to, instead. Otherwise the page you link to looks like this:


Story (on, my summary): The US military is looking into a proposal to predict domestic and political reactions to various speculative events through by a sophisticated computer program that would be able to work with various kinds of gathered intelligence data. It is currently just a concept paper and is not "running", by the military or anyone else, and the scope of its simulation doesn't go beyond the political. (The Register's tone is pretty over-the-top ZOMG YOU ARE BEING SIMULATED as well, but it's not hard to read past.)

Comments (taking up 99 percent of the page's vertical space): Booger-flinging fight about the Iraq War, mixed with +5 Funnys involving iPhones, beowulf clusters, and assorted sexist leering.

Dude, no.
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So where's the ban on driving an SUV to the airport, already? I wanna see some action
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Found via Making Light, a 2005 post on Kung Fu Monkey that's become relevant again as Bush's poll numbers have broken the 30-percent barrier (traveling downward, I mean) in several major polls.
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This is the Youtube thing I was talking about. It is not the related-videos postroll that they've been doing for years, and which at least three people seem to think I was referring to.

Regarding the Fahrenheit article: one of the weenies kept reverting my changes and making comments like "Bradbury wrote the book; he knows what it's about". My crankiness about this is quelled by the fact that one of the people whose text I first changed has taken my side in the talk page, and did a reasonable job striking a happy medium in the article.

If I cared more I'd go find references to Bradbury's earlier, conflicting comments and add them to the article's head, which currently implies that he's always held the interpretation he does now. But generally when I find myself getting angry with a non-core project like this it's time to walk away.
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The meme that the victims were a bunch of mincing cowards too sissified by their liberal environment to attack the gunman bare-handed seems to be rapidly spreading through the other camp. See comments by John Derbyshire, Nathaniel Blake, and Rush Limbaugh (as paraphrased by [ profile] derspatchel).

Of tangential interest is a striking thought-experiment by [ profile] bradhicks of what would have happened had any of the students been armed. I have no personal experience with guns or their use, so I don't know how accurate or relevant this is, but it made me think. (Gun control is an issue I stand absolutely neutrally on, and no recent events have changed this.)


Dec. 2nd, 2006 04:47 pm
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One day after they stopped accepting new QuickPost deliveries, UPS's webpage for tracking the envelopes stopped returning useful information. Two days later, it now returns only internal error messages. It's as if desperate UPS tribesmen, sensing doom, looted the joint at midnight on Nov. 30, and it's been standing blasted and empty since. Every so often another broken shelf crashes into the basement.

Because, you know, there's no chance that there are were still pending deliveries in the system when they stopped accepting new ones.

Customer-hating assholes. If I ever have a clear choice later between UPS and other carriers, I know what I'll be doing.

Something like $1,000 of my money is still unspoken for, so going to try phoning people now. I've actually been having a pretty good day. Been knocking a lot of pins down on on, actually. More later.

Edit Ha ha ha! According to NetBank's website, they're refusing to even open QuickPost envelopes received after Nov. 30. Jesus Christ, what happened between those guys? Sounds messy. But the thing is, I didn't bother taking a receipt when I dropped the envelope off at the UPS store last week, so nobody has any proof beyond my word that I totally did send it off in time.

I just wasted 15 minutes of my life on hold at NetBank; I'll try again later tonight. I have a feeling that this isn't going to go anywhere except straight up my ass, though. Bloop

Two months after getting started at ITA and I'll probably have to take another $1,000+ loan from the credit card again just to make rent. Un fuckin believable.

I may be having some troubles workin this contractor thingy, my friends. I don't know.
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What the... all day today Google News's top stories regarding the last domestic spying thing that the NYT blew open has actually been editorials that look like they were written by LGFers. I especially like this gem from Scripps-Howard about how THE NEW YORK TIMES HAS KILLED YOUR CHILDREN.

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