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Opening my Gmail spamtrap these days is like, "Here, let's test your browser's Unicode compatibility."

(Sorry if that says something horribly insulting in a language I apparently don't even have a full font-set for.)

Spam hate

Mar. 28th, 2008 01:51 pm
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Probably the only thing worse than spammers fucking things up directly is the mere threat of spammers fucking things up. Twice now I've happened to look at the Gameshelf blog's spamtrap, and found it 100 percent full of perfectly legitimate reader comments that never got posted. The blog gets hammered with so much spam that MT started overcompensating, I guess. I don't know.

I have put the comments back up and posted an apology, but the blog still suffers the loss of timely discussions that never happened.

Not happy.


Feb. 21st, 2008 03:22 pm
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The Bad Astronomer got a great piece of spam I haven't seen before, basically saying "Send me money or I WILL KILL YOU." With a great little story that the author is an assassin who's been paid to whack the recipient, but decided to give them one chance to outbid the client before he follows through. Awesome!

(I chuckle at the comments that are all OMG CALL POLICE, though. Yes, like your local PD can do anything about trolls in Latverian sub-basements hitting the 'send' button on their bulk mailer programs.)
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I have figured out why a lot of expected email's been completely unfindable, not even in my spam folder. It's because it's been falling into's spam folder, which is different from my mail gmail account's spamtrap, now that I've started to let Gmail handle all's mail directly. Only the survivors of the spam filter were moving along to my gmail inbox. Failures were just invisible. Arrgh.

So now I look like an ass to at least one client, and maybe to a few friends as well. If you were expecting a reply from me about something and it's been missing, please let me know. I'm attempting to configure things better now.


Oct. 2nd, 2007 12:01 am
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Today was wacky. A kerfuffle resulted from's highly intolerant mailserver refusing an important mail from a client several days ago, due to the fact that the mail was sent from a hotel with a reputation for spam. The client didn't see the bounce message that the server instantly shot back at them, so they didn't know that I never read the mail. Come Monday morning, frolics abounded. By Monday evening, everything's settled, insert folk juju-dispersal here.

Then had a good Volity meeting. There's only a few steps left before the alpha, which is now slightly late if you want to be a bastard and hold me literally to the dates I called months ago, but it's gonna be close-enough-dammit. Cross your fingers.

During the bits of downtime today, I worked on updating my professional presence. Following a conversation I had with [ profile] taskboy3000 last week, I'm switching my self-assigned title to "Software Consultant", and have been busily retouching all my resumes and linkedins and such appropriately. I also redid my contracting consulting page, expanding the portfolio section and dropping a lot of the technobabble and buzzwords, reckoning that the resume's a better place for that stuff.

Need to redesign I am tired of the "Big Gray 7" layout that's, what, four years old now? On pages like this, that top bar is just oppressive.
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You get an email that actually looks like it may have been composed by a native English speaker welcoming you to a web-based community you may not necessarily recall asking to join, and providing a raw numeric IP address (uh oh) as a confirmation link.

Clicking the link calls up a bare-naked web page (uh oh) with a single line of text apologetically informing you that you need to download (uh oh) a "secure login" thingum to actually see the website, and offers another link to an .exe file (uhhh ohhh).

I assume that carrying on with the download and running the file would (if I were on a Windows box) instantly zombify my PC and put it to use making DDoS attacks against the Turkish government or whatever they're up to now. When it comes down to it I guess I'm really just impressed that the initial email actually doesn't look entirely unreasonable, except for the giveaway raw IP link.
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Don't ask me how i found it, but I find this page on a spam blog strangely haunting. Look at those comments, from folks like "Stinky", "Merlin" and "Bob" all groping around in the same machine-generated dialect of broken English, trying desperately to buy or sell the same nonsense object but apparently unable to connect with one another. They make me think of ghosts.
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[ profile] daerr fiddled around until he hit on the right command-line incantation to create new tickets via the command line. Sadly this involved patching RT's source code since it bogusly rejected tickets with any newlines in their descriptions. Er? whatev

So now if you email our RT system without a blessed subject line you get it thrown back in your face. The bug-reporting website used to file new tickets by sending email to that address, but now it does the command-line thing instead. Following up on bugs via email continues to work.

And I'm less angry and distracted now too which is also good.
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One way or another I'll see the Volity RT spam problem fixed, ehn, sometime this week.

Not today, though. I refuse to take time away from money-making mode to deal with whichever band of eastern-bloc mafia has chosen to smear their shit all over our website. The thought of literally losing money to them really makes me so goddamn angry I can't function.
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To those reading this via Planet Volity, sorry for all the RT spam. It looks like bad people got a hold of our RT queue's email address.

I'll try fixing things to make that impossible to spam (while making it possible to stil report bugs!) tomorrow.
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I'm shutting down all of Volity's SourceForge-hosted mailing lists. Discussions' been moved over to the web forums, anyway.

Spam OTD

Apr. 29th, 2007 12:23 am
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Hello my friend!

I am ready to kill myself and eat my dog, if medicine prices here () are bad.

Look, the site and call me 1-800 if its wrong..

My dog and I are still alive :)
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Yes I see the RT spams and I apologize for them. I thought I had squelched them months ago. Maybe I accidentally reverted that change in recent webwork. I'll check it out when I get the chance.


Dec. 29th, 2006 01:58 pm
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14,327. That's about one new spam every three minutes, and nearly triple the frequency seen on Dec. 1, 2005.
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13,001 13,002 spams in search of a home called Earth.

I heard an interesting "On Point" last week that today's spam largely comes not from misguided entrepreneurs but organized criminal groups, many in Eastern Europe. I was not aware of this.


Oct. 21st, 2006 05:16 pm
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Wow, the pace has really picked up. 12,151 spams in 30 days!
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It took a while since the last one, but here we are at last:

10,208 spams in the last 30 days. Oops, ding: 10,209.

I should throw a party. Maybe after the next Volity milestone. It can be a combo milestone party.


Sep. 21st, 2006 03:01 pm
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My TV is sane again. Apparently the cable box just went bonkers; swapping it out fixed everything. My channel 2 thought that it was the Discovery channel this morning. So even the fake lineup I was getting shuffled itself around more or less daily. What the.

The thing last night was OK. I got to see Guitar Hero II (which looks very nice; y'all who are waiting for this game will be quite happy with it) and met up with Lee from the show and a couple of his friends. Didn't do any networking of note, for I did not want to. I woulda stayed longer if the Harmonix people there were going to say something, but nobody said nuttin an hour into it so I left once I was done with my beer.

I am getting hit harder with spam of various kinds lately. I have a record amount in Gmail (though not quite enough for another Grim Milestone yet), and my cell phone is getting daily called by a prerecorded Spanish-language message. I've also picked up two junk livejournal friends-ofs in the last few weeks. Well, one seems to be completely automated, and the other appears to be an actual person who enjoys mass-friending the LJ database occasionally.


Jul. 24th, 2006 04:32 pm
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I have to laugh at the recent wave of of spams from exotic lands proclaiming "I want to fuck with you!" I get enough of that at work, lady, thanks anyway

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