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What's the purpose of having jumps ("Click for more...") on long blog articles?

I'm not talking about sites that break stories across 10 short pages so that they can expose you to 10 times as many ads. I mean the click-once-to-read-the-entire-post style that I very often see on popular blogs. Random example: Andrew Sullivan puts a "Continue Reading [topic]..." link at the bottom of posts which reach past a certain vertical length, maybe one out of every four of the posts on the front page.

I can guess some reasons, but what reasons does the conventional wisdom hold? (Yes, I'm wondering if we should institute something like this for the Gameshelf.)
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My pal Robert points out to me (by way of Andrew Sullivan) that over at Little Green Footballs, Charles Johnson has - as I write this - literally filled the blog's front page almost entirely with story after story of himself being utterly dumbfounded at the skyrocketing levels of batshittery coming from the part of the American Right that's managed to get control of the mic, and is calling them out on their various bald-faced lies and deceptions.

If I were visiting the site for the first time right now, i'd have no reason to guess that this was anything other than a centrist-to-leftish blog of the stripe I normally haunt. I certainly would not suspect that it was one of the preëminent online wingnut bastions through the breadth of the Bush administration.

The blogs I do normally read have been saying "OMG the right is off its nut" for a while now, and my first instinct is to roll my eyes at this, because even smart people have short memories. But this... is something else.
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Blog of Frank Gallagher, the dedicatedly brilliant personality who brought UMaine's student newspaper, The Maine Campus, to statewide prominence in the early-mid 1990s. He also made it an exciting place to work, enough to become the reason my undergraduate career took an extra year to complete.

Looks like he's joined the ever-growing crowd of people I know in Portland, ME, though he clearly keeps strong ties to his beloved San Fransisco.

In some ways he was the first real boss-slash-colleague I ever had, and I have been looking for this guy off and on for ages. He dropped me a LinkedIn invite just yesterday! I look forward to reading him once again.
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Art-game designer and blogger Auntie Pixelante, who linked to The Gameshelf a few months ago, has found Jmac's Arcade, and has challenged me in public to get my act together and produce some more. I hear a lot that they're entertaining or touching, which is great, but being told that they help provide an oral history of a nearly vanished subculture is new to me.

This is a kick in the pants, all right. Despite everything going on, I am led to consider that it may indeed be a good change of creative scenery for me to try pulling another one of these together. The whole point of these is that, unlike Gameshelfs, they're things I can make all by myself.

Bah. Not gonna be able to sleep tonight.
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This one wasn't about McCain, so maybe this dream-theme is winding down. Again, very realistic, though my dream-self's emotional state was ramped way up.

I was seated at a table in some sort of dining hall with my parents, talking about the election. (In real life, I haven't spoken to them since October, and I've been thinking lately about how this inevitable conversation might go.) The flow of conversation led me to describe an effect that really touched me, how a lot of right-wing bloggers seemed to go through a kind of soft transformation through Obama's acceptance speech. I started to describe how even Charles Bloody Johnson made a post asking his readership of frothing, tail-chasing hyenas to chill out and soak in the moment of transcendence that their country had just passed through, electing a black president.

All this is true. In my dream, however, I couldn't actually express any of this, because I was spontaneously overcome with emotion, and began choking back tears. Other conversations around us ceased and strangers turned to look as I tried to describe this, but I was completely breaking down. I woke up on the verge of crying.
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I just realized that I didn't check in on any righty-blogs since before the election. Inspiration struck to not visit the obvious (and stoopider) sites, but instead to drop in on my favorite Internet Lost Soul, James Lileks. And he had this to say (emphasis mine):
I’m approaching the new administration with a blank slate. I have no desire to walk around frowning in perpetual grumptitude, and it would be intellectually dishonest to prejudge everything that happens before it happens, or see the smallest act in terms of some broad preconceived idea. I thought that was an impressive victory speech, and if someone offers to earn your support, well, take him up on it.
This. I do hope there's a lot of this going around.

(That post also has some fine screenshots and funny commentary about an ancient low-budget Dick Tracy flick. Worth looking at if you're a movie dork like me.)
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Michelle Malkin finds herself needing to calm down her own readership with assurances that Obama was recently seen speaking in front of the Ohio state flag, not a special "Obama flag" that is a harbinger of his founding New Zimbabwe upon taking power.

It's like even the top layers of crazy have weathered away from the Right's support-bucket. Nothing but rich and pungent Deep Crazy left here.

(I think I need another break from the internet. I dunno yet if I'm gonna do the debates.)


Jul. 1st, 2008 09:49 am
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Hee hee, I got a nod in the body of a Making Light post today.

It's worth a handful of fannish XPs. I don't collect those every day.


Jun. 27th, 2008 11:19 am
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This year I made a resolution to be less overtly negative in my writing. I have been doing pretty well.

Next year, though, it will be to stop wasting my time reading stupid shit that makes me stupid. The But it's like coming across a car wreck! excuse doesn't work when you went out of your way to attend an all-day demolition derby.
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Earlier this week I removed Google News from the "News" pull-down on my Safari bookmarks bar. I don't know how long it took for me to notice that visiting that page only made me angry, but I finally did, and so passes the last non-blog-or-bloglike news source I'm willing to visit when bored.

Spent all afternoon into the evening trying to grok localization techniques in Visual C# Express. All the documentation I could find is apparently for the full version of Visual Studio, which includes a command-line program for creating resource files that I apparently lack. Assuming that Microsoft doesn't feel that internationalization is a luxury reserved for people willing to buy the full IDE, I gave up and posted a plea on the MSDN forums. It's crap like this that makes me blargh at non-free development software.

Before that I dropped over $30 at Bob Slate's, and now all my loose paperwork is filed away in new folders, with new staples punched into them as appropriate. That feels good.
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I launched the Appleseed Blog. Yes, another blog from me. But really, running a technology business's website without a blog attached is a poor idea these days.

It look so long because getting Mason and Movable Type to play together was a little rough, but (with [ profile] daerr's assistance) I got it going, and ended up learning a lot about all technologies involved. So I call it a win, even though none of it's billable time.

Anyway, I'm going to use it both to make public updates about Appleseed as well as occasionally pontificate on Appleseed-relevant technology. And, yes, the neglected blog is still running as a separate thing. I still need to hack a way to crosspost consistently between that and this LJ, since I've discovered that I can't just give this up.
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Announcing The Gameshelf Blog, a new community of intelligent-if-eclectic game news and discussion. I hope that it will fill out the long and dreary spaces between new Gameshelf episodes with interesting game-related tidbits that share the show's spirit.

I've invited everyone whose name has appeared in an episode's credit roll to join the site as a contributor. I went by memory so it's entirely possible I overlooked you (or your mail client ate the invitation as spam); if that's the case, and you want to help, please contact me!

Yes, it's the same URL that the show has held for years. I quietly replaced the static site with blog software a few months ago, and more recently redesigned it so that a link to the most recent episode will always appear at the top. The blog and the episode videos have separate RSS feeds, too. (Rather, one's a subset of the other.)


Mar. 31st, 2007 02:10 pm
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I just suggested Jmac's Arcade blip site to Wonderland, as per [ profile] queue's suggestion from a while ago. Wish me luck!
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[ profile] toonhead_npl points out that my previous post got pull-quoted by Universal Hub, a Boston news-n-links blog that I didn't know about before. I'm giddy about the attention but a little disturbed, too.

Of course they quoted the most striking part, which I'm afraid makes it sound like I was being flippant, when in fact I was exposing something very dark and personally disturbing. I really do have these thoughts when I see someone explode in anger at someone they don't know, just because they got in the way of the 35MPH pelvic thrust of their driving. When writing that post I debated for some time about describing the fantasy in disgusting detail, purposefully going over the top to make it clear that I wasn't kidding. But I finally concluded that it failed the Wheaties test and so kept it simple.

I am not at all comfortable with this part of myself. All I can do is acknowledge it, and I suppose be thankful that it doesn't manifest in more situations.
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I like to hear people talk about their jobs, if they enjoy them. Here is a survey of people on my friends list whom I know mainly through an admiration for their work, and who have blogs where they often talk about what they do. (Are there others I ought to be reading?)

[ profile] jwz runs a nightclub in San Fransisco, and frequently posts of his adventures, often including a copious amount of his photography. Occasionally posts something that draws from his cred as the maintainer of xscreensaver or the brash alpha-hacker responsible for much of Netscape Navigator, back in the day. Grumbles about macs sometimes (he is maybe the most famous Mac user known to the Slashdot crowd, besides Jobs and Woz I guess). Most of his posts, though, are either fascinating links or crazy photos and movies. His tastes in non sequitur are quite similar to mine, I suppose.

[ profile] grrm is still writing the Song of Ice and Fire series, that thing I repeatedly declare that I hate forever and then continue plowing through. Posts infrequently, but often enough to assure us that he's still there. Likes SF cons and football.

[ profile] tmcm is a cartoonist most famous for Too Much Coffee Man and whose cartoons haven't really been all that good in a long time. But I love his posts and photographs about his life otherwise, including his recent adventures in producing an opera based on his famous character. He posts all of his finished cartoons, as well as many preliminary sketches and doodles. Sometimes he gets the blog involved: in a recent post he grumbled about not being satisfied with a particular punchline, and ended up replacing it with one that a fan suggested in comments.

[ profile] urbaniak is an actor living in New York City. He's most recognized for his roles in the film Henry Fool, which I have not seen, and Venture Brothers, which I adore (he provides the voice for Dr. Venture). About half of his posts are bizarre, slow-paced flamewars with (so far) two particular LJ users who might not even be real people. These are not very interesting. Much of the rest is stories of being an actor in New York, and are great. His fans enjoy making animated gifs of his babies beating each other up.

[ profile] officialgaiman is Neil Gaiman. Much of the content is public responses to fan mail, which gives it a very different feel than the other journals listed here. Most of the comments are the ladies swooning every time he posts a picture of himself, which is often.

(Was going to add [ profile] zarf for the yuks "gee he's been quiet lately" but he doesn't actually use his website as anything remotely like a blog, so.)
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[ profile] misuba wrote a very nice bit about Volity for the Ogre Cave.

We got a mention in "lokilinks", which is apparently just someone's feed, but that's cool. We've showed up in del.etc. before but this is the first time that someone else mentioned running into a reference, so maybe this is a more popular feed? I have no idea.

[ profile] canadianpuzzler started a blog about making a Volity game, in this case the card game Spoons. (I will mention that we want to support dev blogs on-site soon, and [ profile] daerr is chipping away at the forum code now.)
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Actually, for real. I would consider it a personal favor if you did vote up the story by clicking on its "Digg" link (though you need to create a free account there if you don't already have one). (Unless you think Volity is lame, in which case please refrain, and chuckle as you allow it to sink into deserved obscurity.)

Thanks to [ profile] keimel for making the post, which is a more accurate version of the last one, and a better link too.
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Do any of you use Digg?

If you, would you be willing to submit a linky-poo about Volity & Gamut to it?

(My sense of how these things' culture generally works suggests that submissions about one's own awesome stuff is likely to be ignored...)

Edit Apparently someone else has already posted it there. Thanks for finding it, [ profile] keimel, and thanks to "whisperstorm" for posting it.

So I guess I will now shift into asking people to kindly log into the site and give the link a Digg-style thumbs-up. :)
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I had a nice chat yesterday with Andy Oram, a longtime editor at O'Reilly, about Volity. It resulted in him writing this entry in his own blog:

I am pleased that our websites are in such a state that even hardened veterans of the open source scene like Andy take one look at it and immediately get intensely interested.

Not to say that I didn't have to make the effort to point it out to him. I got the idea to write him the night before last, when I remembered having a chat about games and gaming culture at a party two Decembers ago. This reinforces the fact that I really gotta keep pushing to get the message out there... the influx of developers I wrote about a couple of weeks ago hit a plateau shortly after that.

Things are better then they were a year ago, when I was. Then Zarf got involved, and much more recently than that we've had a low but constant level of outside developer interest. It's the last that I really need to ratchet up, and now.
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Feeling lazy, so here is excerpts from stuff I posted to the Volity betatest list:

First, I'd like to announce that we've released version 0.3.5 of
Gamut, our official client application. The new features I'm
personally most excited about are its online documentation - it now
features a "Gamut Help" command under its Help menu that summons a
user manual. It begins with a welcome page for first-time users,
guiding them through their first couple of Volity games. I'd love to
hear what y'all think of it.

You can download Gamut by visiting and clicking the
big shiny blue button you'll see therein. And if you haven't seen the website yet... well, you're in for a treat. And even if you
are already familar with it, you may not have known that we just
launched a developer blog at . Right now it's
just us in the core yapping. OK, it's just Zarf yapping. IMHO that's
reason enough to check it out, but nonetheless we soon hope to offer
user-driven project blogs as part of our self-service developer
support stuff.

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